Yoga With Georgie

A nurturing, kind and calm space for your yoga practice

Welcome to Yoga With Georgie

Yoga is a really great way to improve your well-being and reduce your stress levels at the same time as becoming more flexible and increasing your strength and stamina.  Yoga uses physical postures to strengthen and mobilise the body, breathing exercises to improve breathing and develop awareness and control of the breath, increase concentration and mindfulness and improve relaxation skills.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word which translates as ‘union’ between mind, body and spirit. Practising postures using the breath helps to link the mind and spirit to the body.

Yoga can be practised by everyone, of any age and of any ability or fitness. People often think that they need to be flexible to be able to practice yoga but that’s not true. You do not have to be flexible to come to a yoga class. In fact, quite the reverse. You become more flexible through your yoga practice. You do not have to be relaxed either. You come to yoga classes to learn how to relax or improve your relaxation skills.

If a yoga class is what you’re looking for then have a look at my classes. If you don’t feel you’re ready to come to a yoga class yet then why not book a one-to-one yoga session with me or you could get together with a group of your friends (up to 4) and have a group yoga session.